marco_profileMy name is Marco Gervasi and I am a strategic adviser and management consultant for leading international and Chinese companies, venture capital funds, and Internet platforms investing both in and out of China. I am also the author of East-Commerce, which talks about which new innovative business models are now coming from the East.

I have been working in China since 2004 and since 2013 I became fascinated with Technology. After learning about Exponential Technologies at Singularity University in Mountain View, Ca. I have carried on a thorough research on China e-commerce and the Internet of Things. I have become an active technology blogger, a keynote speaker at international conferences on technology, and finally a guest writer for various newspapers and magazines both in Asia and Europe.

I have a dual degree in Law and Chinese Studies from Università Statale of Milan and currently I live in Shanghai.

East-Commerce is the first book on China E-commerce and my effort to explain what is really happening behind the curtains of the biggest technological market in the world.

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